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Every Dark Shadow Preorder Incentives

Hello Friends,

In case you missed it, Every Dark Shadow is available for preorder in both hardcover and eBook formats, and there are GOODIES that come with preordering before the August 29 release date.


  1. Preorder.

  2. DM your receipt to @authorsarahzimm with your mailing address.

  3. You'll be entered to win 1 of 3 signed hardcover copies + 4 character portraits + 1 bookmark. (US & International; author is not responsible for customs fees)


  1. Preorder.

  2. DM @authorsarahzimm your receipt with mailing address.

  3. After release, I'll send you a signed character portrait or bookmark of your choice (Hart, Ophelia, Rune, or Falcon).


(The book should be available to preorder on all major retailers, in addition to those above. Paperback will be available on release day.)

Thank you for your love and support for my debut epic fantasy adventure novel. It means the world. I'll see you in my DMs.



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